Michele Fleiger, MFA
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We speak to a purpose: to be heard and to be seen
Discover the ability to hone that purpose, to speak with passion and clarity, and to release the tension that prevents you from presenting your best.
Michele Fleiger, MFA, is an
award-winning artist, educator and communication specialist with a philosophy inspired by many years of working to encourage people to become aware of the power of their own voice.

The value of telling your story is the potential you have to inspire the world.

Trained as an actor, Michele Fleiger uses the techniques of the theatre to inspire confidence and provide participants engaged, fun and effective experiential practice being seen and heard. She has faciltiated workshops and presented at conferences in Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario. Michele is currently teaching courses in Oral Interpretation and Communication and Performer Created Theatre in the Department of Drama at the University of Alberta, at Portage College and at Concordia University in Edmonton. She also leads workshops with the University of Alberta's International Student Centre, the Department of Medicine and has previously conducted workshops for the Department of Science and the Department of Music. Michele is available for private coaching and a variety of workshop opportunities for small (5-10) medium (10-20) and large (20-40) working groups.


Students discover their voiceFor Students

Establish the power of your own voice. One’s authentic voice communicates the depth of cultural integrity and spirit of the individual through the message.

Researchers communicate their passionFor Researchers

Discover how to communicate the passion for your research through a compelling and integral narrative that speaks to your audience.

Professionals collaborate their narrativeFor Professionals

Encourage interdisciplinary collaborative practice by fostering an understanding of your own narrative and the narrative of others.


We need to get ourselves in another mode which is why the arts were invented: to show you the single human being is overwhelmingly powerful. And when a single human being figures out they are part of a community, it is unstoppable.
 ~ Peter Sellars ~ 

I have worked with:
University of Alberta Departments of Drama, Music, Medicine, and Science, the International Student Centre, Portage College, Red Deer College, Concordia University, Alberta Innovates Health Solutions (AIHS) and Alberta Health Services.