Michele Fleiger, MFA
sPEAKPERFORMANCE :: applying theatrical principles to communications
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Specializing in training international undergraduate and graduate students, Michele teaches how students can establish the power of their own voice. 
One’s authentic voice communicates the depth of cultural integrity and spirit of the individual through the message.
Feedback from Accent Doesn’t Have To Be An Obstacle, 2007-2010 University of Alberta:

"Thank you for all the help in the summer workshop. I started to build my confidence of speaking in front of an audience using my second language leading to my success in my first teaching experience last summer."

Communicate your full potential by engaging theatrical principles that allow you to speak with passion and clarity.
Three 75 minute sessions can open the door.
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For several years Michele has been contracted by the International Student Centre at the University of Alberta to devise and deliver workshops for international exchange students.

The Expressive Voice and Body and A Dramatic Approach to Communication help participants develop an awareness of their potential to communicate with passion, power and purpose. Through active engagement in a variety of exercises participants learn how to enhance their range of vocal and physical expression, develop an awareness of the cultural expectations of the Canadian classroom and discover ways to feel confident, relaxed and able to participate more fully in their Canadian experience both on and off campus.

Michele facilitated a Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund (TLEF) sponsored research project (2007-2010) at the University of Alberta titled "Accent Doesn’t Have To Be An Obstacle". The project was led by Prof. Elizabeth Moulton and was a collaborative effort between the Departments of Drama, Speech Pathology and Educational Psychology.

I have been in a few different workshops with a bit similar concept... and I consider the one with your project quite comprehensive. I personally think that such a program, at least a short version of it, is a must for students and researchers in the university.

I have worked with:
University of Alberta Departments of Drama, Music, Medicine, and Science, the International Student Centre, Portage College, Red Deer College, Concordia University, Alberta Innovates Health Solutions (AIHS) and Alberta Health Services.