Michele Fleiger, MFA
sPEAKPERFORMANCE :: applying theatrical principles to communications
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Discover how to communicate the passion for your research through a compelling and integral narrative that speaks to your audience.
Workshops for Medical and Scientific Researchers to assist them in the presentation of their research. 
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For several years Michele was contracted by Alberta Innovates Health Solutions (AIHS) to devise and deliver workshops for medical researchers to assist them in the presentation of their research. The workshop titled "Be Seen, Be Heard" introduced participants to the 7 Keys To Effective Presentation. Each researcher was also given individual coaching sessions to assist them in preparation for presentation.

Michele also worked in the Department of Science at the University of Alberta devising communication workshops for international students entering the Faculty of Science.

Quotes from participants at the AIHS conference: "Making Connections", June 2012:

“It (the conference) allowed us to work on our communication skills as scientists. This was facilitated enormously by the trainee session with Michele where we were able to work on our ability to speak publicly to different types of audiences - very useful to a scientist who will need to be able to “sell” their vision to peers, reviewers, funding agencies etc.”

I had the pleasure of meeting Michele, who hosted an excellent workshop on presentation skills. While I enjoyed the hands-on approach to learning, what really made it valuable was how she was able to relate those exercises back to research presentations. The exercise on how to speak to different target audiences was particularly valuable.

I have worked with:
University of Alberta Departments of Drama, Music, Medicine, and Science, the International Student Centre, Portage College, Red Deer College, Concordia University, Alberta Innovates Health Solutions (AIHS) and Alberta Health Services.